Sheba Medical Center (Tel HaShomer)

Ramat Gan, Israel
Sheba Medical Center

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Address: Emek Ha-Ela St. 1, Ramat Gan, Israel



Sheba Medical Center

Sheba Hospital, also known as the Sheba Medical Center (in the name of it’s founder and first director – Chaim Sheba), as well as Tel HaShomer – it is the largest medical center not only in Israel, but in the entire Middle East region. Sheba consists of two hospitals – general and rehabilitation hospital . In total, the medical center offers more than two thousand beds.

Sheba Medical center is a public hospital, owned and operated by the Israeli Ministry of Health. It is the clinical and academic base of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and it also houses School of Nursing.

Being one of the flagships of Israeli medicine, Sheba Hospital sets standards in oncology treatment of cancer diseases. Sheba Cancer Center – is the front beacon of excellence for many cancer centers in the world. Oncology professionals working between the walls of this medical center consider their work a mission – after all, every day they save the lives of some, give hope to others and minimise suffering of those who can’t be cured. In order to enable those professionals to  fulfill their tasks successfully, perfect conditions are in place. It means full access to all the latest developments in the field of oncology treatment and ability to conduct their own research, often leading to a breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer patients.

At Sheba caner patients have access to the most modern diagnostic and treatment equipment – MRI 1.5 and 3 Tesla, 64 slice CTs, linear accelerators Varian Rapid Arc for radiotherapy and radiosurgery, and much, much more. The Sheba clinic carries out a record number of bone marrow transplants (BMT) per year, and the onco-hematologists  of this hospital are specialized in all kinds of transplants (autologous, allogeneic and haploidentical).

It is not a coincidence that Sheba Medical Center and been chosen as a research partner of the American cancer center MD Anderson, which is considered to be the best in the world.

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Sheba Medical Center (Tel HaShomer)

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Gastrointestinal Oncology

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Doctor Roni Weizen

Sheba Medical Center (Tel HaShomer) Oncologist